Foxtron Vehicle Technologies and North-Star International、Kaohsiung Bus Company of San- Ti Group Collaborating on green transportation MIH Platform Product Debute! Independently developed electric bus: "E BUS" drives into Southern Taiwan!


[Taipei-Kaohsiung, 7/6, 2021] Foxtron Vehicle Technologies, subsidiary of Hon Hai Technology Group (Taiwan Stock Exchange code: 2317) and San-Ti Group's North-Star International Company (Taiwan Stock Exchange code: 8927) and Kaohsiung Bus Company signed a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) today (7/6). The two parties are working on building the first  electric bus "E BUS" based on the MIH commercial vehicle platform that was developed by Foxtron Vehicle Technologies. Combining San-Ti Group’s competencies in passenger transport system and charging facility coverage will help the mobility service industry to achieve energy saving and carbon reduction, as we move into the future operation of passenger transportation, with the promotion of domestic electric buses and charging facilities, and work together to create a new generation for eco-friendly transportation.

According to the memorandum of understanding, the two parties expect to  introduce new electric buses to the existing passenger transport system of the San-Ti group phase by phase, starting with trial operations in the early stage to focus on the  refinement of the passengers and drivers experience, and to solidify the operational quality of the fleet management system, before the electric buses formally join the Kaohsiung Bus, subsidary  of the San-Ti Group. In addition,the abilities of vehicle design and engineering from Foxtron Vehicle Technologies  can also extend the platform into medium and small electric buses, which could widen the possibilities of future participation of the segments of the markets.

Young Liu, Chairman of Foxtron Vehicle Technologies, said, Foxtron Vehicle Technologies provides the electric bus <E BUS> developed from the MIH commercial vehicle open platform, and it is continuously optimized and improved to meet the requirements and expectations of the future electric vehicle market. This opportunity to work with the San-Ti Group, proves that the MIH electric vehicle eco-system is gradually growing. Combining the electric vehicle charging network of the San-Ti group and passenger transportation operations, the two parties have joined hands to begin with electric buses.Cooperate with the government to promote the spiritual concept of design and manufacture in Taiwan, and gradually build a more complete and solid electric car industry for Taiwan.

Foxtron Vehicle Technologies is committed to bringing new possibilities to the electric vehicle market,  through the integration of Yulon's independent vehicle research and development platform and Hon Hai Technology Group's strong supply chain system, including key component manufacturing, mechanical engineering and software integration capabilities in the global market, strategically placing solutions forms an open platform and new business model, providing solutions for customers domestically and internationally.

Zhong Jiacun, Chairman of the San-Ti Group, said that the Kaohsiung Bus Chia-yi Bus Tainan Bis and Puyuma Bus all under the San-Ti group, owning a total of more than 600 buses which have rich experience in routes and operations will be gradually electrified to contribute to a low-carbon more sustainable future. Through this cooperation with Foxtron Vehicle Technologies have joined forces to leverage on North-Star International’s rapid charging network and cloud management system to expand its charging operations and applications.Not only can provide the charging solution that meets the operating needs of electric buses, but also conduct road tests and operation tests through our side.Via the big data of electric bus routes to feedback Foxtron Vehicle Technologies to  advance optimal design of electric buses.

which also allow for a better E BUS operational data collection to optimize design and planning.   

The San-Ti group strengthens the group with diversified development and is committed to the transformation of its subsidiaries. Its subsidiary North-Star International is accelerating the expansion of new energy business territory, and through the use of the San-Ti group resources, including the use of existing national highways services locations, bus transfer stations, restaurants and idle land to create a network of fast charging stations around Taiwan. In the future, there will be development plans for photovoltaics energy, energy storage, and green power certificates to realize specialization, scalability, internationalization, and branding of the new energy industry, to provide consumers with a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

In order to realize Taiwan’s goal of fully electrifying passenger buses by 2030, this cooperation will not only support the development of the government to promote the spiritual concept of design and manufacture in Taiwan and create new business opportunities, it will also improve the user experience of Taiwan's public transportation with the "E BUS" that will continuously introduce intelligent management and artificial intelligence learning systems.


San-Ti Group

San-Ti Group was built by Chairmen Zhong Jia Cun. Adhere to the business philosophy of "smart management, pursuing excellence", the group’s business scope is developed in seven areas, which are land consolidation, property investment & development, energy services, construction, transportation, leisure & entrainment, and snack food industry, and through diversification management. Its subsidiary including North-Star International Co., Ltd., Kuai Kuai Co., Ltd., Dapeng Bay Sightseeing Yachts Co., Ltd., Kao Chi Travel Agency, Goss Golf, HSR Gol, Liang Shan & Saijia Leisure Recreation Company Ltd., etc.. In 2020, it took over Nan Ren Hu International Co., Ltd., the business scope extends to National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium and Kentington Resort Hotel. San-Ti will insist on honest and pragmatic style, through the vertical and horizontal integration of various brands, to bring consumers a more convenient life experience..

North-Star International Co., LTD

North-Star International Co., Ltd. is a stock-listed company (TWSE:8927). Current 58 petrol stations have been deployed throughout Taiwan and mainly engage in petrol station operations to provide petrol refueling, Taiwan PetroChina and Formosa Petroleum sales, exquisite car washes and refined waxing services. In July 2012, the Petrochemical and Energy Engineering Division were established towards diversified operations including land asset development business and green energy business


Foxtron Vehicle Technologies

Foxtron Vehicle Technologies was established in 2020, as the sole company in Taiwan that covers vehicle design, engineering development and system validation capabilities, Foxtron continues the decades long experience and assets of Foxconn and Yulon Group in the electronics and automotive sectors. With MIH hardware and software open platforms, working on technologies within the C.A.S.E. innovation segments, bring out the value of software-defined vehicles. Together with the MIH open platform business model "from Taiwan to join hands with the world", moving domestic ICT and automobile industry towards internationalization, crafting the next-generation electric vehicle industry and ecosystem.

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