Have forward engineering capability that covers single component to entire systems

Product planning

Market research, product planning

Market Survey

  • Global trend review
  • Customer needs priority and consumption behavior
  • Potential markets, target customers
  • Competitor analysis

Product concept

  • Product designing concept
  • USP

Product planning

  • Development plan
  • Specification/features
  • UX/UI


Modeling forward design process

Design research

  • Competitor design bench mark
  • Trend analysis

Feasibility study

  • Drawing sketch
  • 3D

Color proposal

  • interior and exterior coloring plan and design
  • develop color paint and sampling

Digital and Clay Modeling

  • Digital Model and data developing
  • Mock up clay model


  • Digitize

Engineering design work

Car body engineering, chassis engineering, electronic engineering

  • Chassis design
  • New Platform
  • Current platform Improving and modification
  • Components design and development
  • Whole vehicle performance evaluation and fine-tuning
  • Competitor performance analysis
  • Chassis performance fine tuning
  • Subjective and objective measurement and performance targeting
  • Test verification
  • System strength analysis
  • System strength/durability test
  • Problem analysis and counter measure
  • Target performance
  • Global Market quality information
  • Safety /performance/NVH and water proof target
  • Senses of touch
  • System configuration
  • Regulation research
  • Define structure design
  • Define specification, system configuration and layout
  • Component design and development
  • Define positioning standards
  • Components forming simulation analysis
  • Escape design
  • On-vehicle validation
  • VES/MEMO/ Security guard and disaster prevention
  • Compliance of regulation validation
  • Bench test and tuning
  • Vehicle design
  • Define Specification
  • System design
  • Function table/System structure/State Flow
  • Function/performance/Regulation checking
  • Diagnostic
  • Component design
  • Specification define/Modular design
  • Component Validation
  • MIL/HIL development
  • System Validation
  • Harness circuit design and validation
  • Sub-component, system platform function validation
  • Vehicle Validation
  • Function/performance/EMC validation
  • CAN diagnose


Planning and execution of vehicle trial production stage

Prototype mockup plan and execution

  • Engineering try
  • Sub-system validation : vehicle modification
  • Running-Show Car

Production plan for new models

  • Pilot production
  • Initial quality control

Assistance in on site testing preparation

  • Preparation of testing vehicles
  • Countermeasures for emergency issues
  • Parallel expansion of counter measures

Engineering and vehicle test verification

Full-function testing, analysis and verification capabilities

Testing and validation plan

  • Function/performance target
  • Define process
  • Full function testing and validation


  • Body and engine simulation analysis
  • Whole Vehicle and engine test and validation


  • NCAP trend tracing and safety strategy defining
  • Vehicle structure testing and analysis
  • System safety testing and analysis
  • Passive safety testing and analysis

Rigidity, strength and durability

  • Strength analysis
  • CAE analysis
  • Simulation analysis

Vehicle test verification

  • Goal setting, test planning
  • Complete vehicle testing and verification
  • ADAS testing and verification
  • Aerodynamics
  • Climate Comfort
  • Powertrain Cooling

Interior environment test

  • VOC/Odor
  • PM 2.5
  • High-Temp.

EV exclusive test

  • Consumption
  • Endurance
  • safety

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